Binnengekomen mail

foto: Jake Huizinga


I am a college student attending Western Michigan University. I’m currently working on black and white series that deals with television, media, and self. By the end of april I will have the series done and I would love to have to them featured in the Media Me group. Let me know what you think.


Jake Huizenga.

Sounds great Jake,

Send the pictures. (Love the drama in this one.)



2 Responses to “Binnengekomen mail”

  1. roel1943 Says:

    Top foto. Heeft de muis nog in z’n hand:-))

  2. Marco Raaphorst Says:

    Media Me goes international!

    Connecting people, oef wat klinkt dat eigenlijk suf. Behalve als het echt waar is. Goed, dit!

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