B.J. Fogg

B.J. Fogg tijdens zijn presentatie at the MobileHCI 2008.
Marie-José Klaver schreef erover.
Fogg zei dat de mobiel ons leven drastisch gaat veranderen:
It’s our concierge, our guide, our coach, entertainer and friend.
There’s no technology we love so much.
The mobile phone with internet connection will cause the biggest revolution in the history of man kind ever, and it starts now! Everyone has got one.

Ik geloof hem.
Hij bestudeert Facebook op Stanford University.
Ik vroeg of hij ook collega’s had die Flickr bestudeerden. Voorzover hij wist niemand.
Kaartjes uitgewisseld.
Weet je veel.

Bert Kommerij.


One Response to “B.J. Fogg”

  1. Taxeeh Says:

    Foggy logic

    The HIAF (handheld internet acces formula) won’t be the the cause of the biggest revolution but it will probably or most certainly power mass opportunities yet to come. Thus it is never about the box…but all about what it enables us to achieve eventually! By having something doesn’t mean anything…if you do nothing with it:-)

    In Finland you can, for many years already, purchase carwash and parking tickets via your handheld device. Or panties or cd’s from a similar to a Coke vending machine:-)
    And just imagine…this was 1999!

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