photo from the MM pool: Saul GM

No one in particular
Just sweet old me
Secluded in anonimity
I can be whomever I wannabe

Topcontributor op Media Me is op dit moment Taxeeh. Weet niet wie het is. Vroeg er naar en kreeg een gedicht als antwoord. Vind anonieme reakties intrigerend, op een prettige manier, zolang de teksten maar goed zijn. Dit is het geval bij Taxeeh. Alsof het gevonden voorwerpen zijn, verlost van de eigenaar. Taxeeh bestaat uit 100% tekst. Geen naam, geen geschiedenis, geen gezicht.
Verder een account aangemaakt bij Mobile Monday. (Was vandaag, maar kon niet. “Ik wil niets missen.”)

En een mooie Protect Me video gevonden op Flickr. Iemand filmt zijn huis 90 seconden lang vanuit bromvlieg perspectief. Erg Privacy related. (Wacht nog op toestemming om te plaatsen.)
Update: Done. Zie Protect Me.

Op Share Me is op dit moment Seth Godin aan het woord. Gaat over communities, leiders en manifesten. (Druk op het pijltje.)
“Iedereen is een leider op internet,” zegt Godin.

Wat voor leider ben jij?

En ik?

Over de manifesten later meer.

Bert Kommerij.


One Response to “Taxeeh”

  1. Taxeeh Says:

    Remedia me

    As I walked in she immediately set aside her work for a moment and looked me straight in the eye. Then she lashed out. You don’t contact me…you don’t inform me about what’s going on…at least try to be me; she said. Be in my shoes and imagine what you would think. How do you think I feel, huh? But you’re not even trying! And because you’re not trying you’re not grasping the situation at hand!

    In an instant I felt branded with the capital L of loser. Right there on my forehead…sizzling and chewing through my skin until it reached the core of my existence. I felt like fried bacon. The rest of me was ashamed. Arrogance no longer protected me.

    Sorry, I mumbled.
    Sorry!?, she replied hystericly in disbelief with a mix of laughter and crying… After everything I’ve invested in us… and you have learned nothing, but to say your sorry?!

    She reached for her packet of cigarettes and tried to lit one. She looked at the packet and finally said; twenty sins a day I do and pay for, but you do me more harm in the end… for free! She threw the packet in her handbag, stood up and walk towards the door. You know where to find me in case you come to your senses. I will not share you with another. Never!… and the door slammed shut.

    There I stood. Not one the best of moments in my life. Aw, she’ll turn around; I tried to let myself believe. After all I’m the custodian of my real life but also painstakingly realised my virtual life wasn’t really working out. I turned of the screen, checked my mobile for some ‘ live’ entertainment and called some ‘old’ friends. Then I walked into the rainy night. Just another wet and neon lit face…

    Taxeeh signing off

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