Media Me favorites from Twitter

A brief selection from the favorite list of Media Me tweets:
(btw:  Twitter messages are to be read from the bottom upwards)

Lvlancer2010 Taking “myspace pictures” and drinking grape soda

nicholleg Wanting a blackberry to keep twittering

pingudownunder Does not love Rach and Heidi anymore for changing my facebook status

Lvlancer2010 Why are we communicating via twitter like not normal people.

amyderby I love your avatar. Please never change it. :-)

amyderby I wish firefox would follow me. I have some words to share about my browser crashing ever time I send a friggen email…

CXI My god! Why must these dogs keep licking my laptop?!

CXI I love those messages “Unauthorized access is prohibited – If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve come waaaaay too far!”

CXI For some reason, my macbook keeps losing its wireless connection… the rest of the machines are fine

brookologie P.S. if people call me, I can answer. I guess the answer/send button on my phones. I just discovered.

brookologie Everyone, get online. AIM, MSN, I don’t care! Just do it.

brookologie PEOPLE PLEASE. oh my goodness, i’m going to explode. Does no one ever EVER WANT TO REPLY TO ME ON TWITTER ANY MORE? My phone is BROKENNNNN!!

brookologie The little light on the top of my phone is blinking this red/green now… it looks like a cry for help.. it kind of makes me sad, actually.

josephamato computers back up, bored again

josephamato o shit i broke my twitter

moneil971 wishing I had fewer meetings in my life

expatimo my laptop is warmer then Jims back and he doen’t snork… Poor Jim

Hier meer…


One Response to “Media Me favorites from Twitter”

  1. Maurits Says:

    Achterelkaar oplezend vormt zich een soort science-fiction-poëzie.

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