15 Questions to a photographer

photo from the MM pool: C’est la Vi

1. What would you miss about photography if it dindn’t exist?

2. Is your camera a companion?

3. Where do you keep your camera most of the time?

4. Is photography something that can be learnt? Who taught you and what was your first lesson?

5. What do you prefer: to take a photo of a person, an animal, a landscape, a buiding, an event or a plant?

6. Did you ever lose an important photo? What was on it? Could you describe it?

7. Is there one photo in particular that has changed your life? Or affected you deeply?

8. What photo is the most important to you? Why?

9. Are there photo’s that are absolutely private, where do you draw the line?

10. Do you dream about photos?

11. Do you take pictures when you’re unhappy?

13. Could you take a photo of someone you hate?

14. If you would have to take your final, last photo, what would you photograph?

15. Describe a photo that makes you happy.

Bert Kommerij


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