Update in English

For people new to this blog, welcome!!
I received some mail about what’s going on here. And why it’s all written in Dutch.
So, a short explanation, in English.

On this log you can follow the workprocess of a new project: Media Me, You’re in my story. As the title says, followers can participate in this process by adding comments on several posts. All material posted here can be used for a new film in ten scenes about You and the New Media.
How does it affect you? How did it change your life? What’s it all about?

Media Me wants to reflect on the Digital Revolution in a poetic and dramatised way.

Each scene has a narrator and its own theme, like: privacy, identity, addiction, overload, branding, etc.
The scenes will be presented on a new -to develop- website: a TV mixer, where image and sound can be manipulated, remixed and added. The final result is a film, made for the internet, about the internet. Also TV-proof.
Each scene has its own blog (check list on the right). On these logs material for the scripts is being collected.

One of the text/story layers in the script will be inspired by tweets faved on Twitter (photo). Most of these quotes will be sung by a choir in a compostion by Barbara Okma. The script will be built up by material found on the web. The Media Me Flickr group is the beating heart of the project. It counts 15 administrators, over 400 members worldwide and more then 4000 Media Me photo’s and video’s (90 sec). Our relationship with our media-machines and mediabehavior are the main themes. Show us your liberated e-heaven or your digital hell. We will dramatise it.

So, you’ve entered a new kind of digital workplace about a new co-creation experiment.

About my personal, digital ID:
My background is radiodrama, my specialty is fiction. I work for the Dutch Broadcast Organisation RVU as a writer and director. Since a few years internet has entered my work, and life. I use it as a tool to develop my projects and meet new collegues. My personal e-needs are very basic. I’m not a geek. I’m very impatient with techniques and manuals. I’m an amateur so to speak, a curious procumer. My main platform is Flickr. I have an account on Facebook, Plaxo Pulse and LinkedIn. And a few other blogs which are in their long tale stadium.



2 Responses to “Update in English”

  1. gurdonark Says:

    It is such a cool project!

  2. bert kommerij Says:

    Thanks, Gurdonark.
    Time to write ten scripts…

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