500 members in the Media Me Group!


This photo is made by Ton Zijp aka Zijperspace, passionate blogger and Editor in Chief at about:blank.
Yesterday he became member 500 in the Media Me Group. Congratulations!
But what does this mean? That the Media Me group is still growing, and probably never will stop growing?
This counts for the Pool with over 4300 photo’s aswell.
(The idea, working on a never ending project fascinates me. Still, it has to stop somewere…
But what kind of pictures will be shown in the Pool over five years? And who will be member 1000?)
Ton takes daily pictures of a his endless T-shirt collection.
And here’s an exclusive text he wrote lately, as a gift to the Media Me project.

My new phone arrived 2 days ago.
I still have to figure out how it’s working. It’s an N82, you see. With Carl Zeiss-lens.
I really don’t know what a Carl Zeiss-lens is doing.
But I still have some photographs I took with the K800i. That doesn’t have anything Carl Zeissians in it.
I’m becoming a professional cellphone photographer.
Do you know how to make a phonecall, my colleague asked me yesterday.

NB: Deadlines voor Media Me zijn bepaald.
Het plan voor productiesubsidie wordt ingediend op 7 mei aanstaande bij het Stimuleringsfonds Nederlandse Culturele Mediaproducties.
Zes weken later volgt de uitslag en zullen we te horen krijgen of het papierenplan, ook wel Het Script, uitgevoerd kan worden.

Bert Kommerij.


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