Media Futurist Gerd Leonhard in zeven delen

De volledige presentatie die Media Futurist Gerd Leonhard hield tijdens het omroepfestival NPOX08, in zeven delen.

Deel 1.

Short introduction.
Some things about musicrights.
“How life changes with more bandwith.”
“We often overestimate how quickly change will happen. We often undersetimate the magnitude of it.”
“When you work in broadcasting, the next 12/18 months will be crucial…”

Deel 2 a.

“Today the mobilephone means internet.”
“When we are connected, we start to copy.”
“We trade, we share, we communicate with content.”
“It’s not about technology, it’s about emerging cultural practices. How people behave when they have the technology.”
“Broadband culture is different then regular culture”
“88% of the population of Holland is connected.”
“You can’t talk about theory, if you don’t know how it works.”
“Experimenting and wasting time is important.”
“Some shocking facts from the US.”

Deel 2 b.

“The internet takes time away from other media.”
“If the future audience migrates to the internet, you must become the internet for them.”
“Across the world 1,6 billion people use the internet, 1,4 billion watch TV, 3,5 billion use mobile phones.”
“Where is the audience?”
“You loose your monopoly as a broadcaster on the internet, there are so many choises.”
“What are the emerging cultural practices?
– I want it when I want it. (Time shifting.)
– I want it how I and where I want it. (Place shifting.)
– I want to be able to influence, talk back, determine. ( Control shifting.)
– I want real value for my money – or else… (Money shifting.)
– I want real value for my attention – ore else… (Attention shifting.)

Deel 3.

“I program my media, it does not program me.”
“In all media, push is becoming pull.”
“The consumer is in control.”
“Now we need, filters, curators, context, relevance, merit, humanness.”
“The audience has fragmented.”
“Social website are officially more popular then porn.”
video about facebook, visualisation.



2 Responses to “Media Futurist Gerd Leonhard in zeven delen”

  1. Taxeeh Says:

    It’s not about the ‘box’ but about what ‘it’ enables you to do!

  2. Taxeeh Says:

    We zitten ‘voor’ de TV en ‘achter’ de PC…grappig:-)

    Overigens kan ik me hier helemaal in vinden; “We often overestimate how quickly change will happen. We often underestimate the magnitude of it.”

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