“Connect to reality”

This is documentary filmmaker Corinne van Egeraat. I wrote about her earlier. Yesterday she arrived in Beirut. Her new project Dislocated has just started. She will travel the world in four months. In her suitcase a laptop, an iPhone, a flipcam and a camera. On her log, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and YouTube she collects stories, films, reflections, people, places, pictures and texts, along the way.
Subject: Disclocated. A new Human project. “Connect to reality.”

On her Twitter I read that just after one day she is already struggling with all new techniques and platforms. Corinne is not a geek or a nerd. Not yet. It’s all new to her. Not only the country where she is now, also her project and the ways to communicate about it.

Dislocated is filled with possibilities, it’s close to real life and internet has a very practical and inspiring purpose.

“I have done a little planning, but mainly will try to travel spontaneously. My destination for now being the action itself: to create a space between my old and my new life. And to meet people who for whatever reason are not living in their home country.  Have any tips for my Lebanon visit? Please let me know if there is anyone you think I should meet or anywhere you think I should go!”

To be continued…

Bert Kommerij.


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