Media Me Streetportraits #1

made by Matthijs Treurniet.


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3 Responses to “Media Me Streetportraits #1”

  1. Taxeeh Says:

    Media Me Streetportraits #1 en Images first…passen al perfect bij elkaar. Hij is echt begonnen:-)

  2. bert kommerij Says:

    Thanks, Taxeeh! Yes, it started. Next step is a visit to the medialab in Breda, where Pictureman will perform in a virtual cave. I also would like to see him wondering around on the Mediapark in Hilversum. And another streetsession is on the agenda.

    In the meanwhile I try to forget the loneliness isue.
    I didn’t bring it up. I just presented a man alone in different surroundings and settings. There will be much more of those kind of images. Being alone has got nothing to do with loneliness. (Most lonely i feel in crowds, but that’s a confession.)

  3. Taxeeh Says:

    I just want it to be a succes… So you watch carefully how the chef uses his ingredients, almost afraid he might use to much here and there, in the meanwhile forgetting he’s the chef, who’s doing his thing anyway:-) You should go to confession more often…

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