You will be recorded

Wednesday July 22: Streetportraits #2 in The Hague. We’re looking for extras with laptops, cams and mobiles on the Spuiplein around 14.00!

A Media Me extra is someone who is very busy with his/her mobile, camera or laptop, while crossing the Spui-square in The Hague. Act as natural as possible. You will be recorded.

Akbar will be on the square as well. He will stand still like a statue, most of the time. Looking, observing, thinking, taking pictures.
All extras can take pictures of Akbar as well, and upload them to Flickr (Tag: mediame).
In that case you participate in the movie.
Akbar will model between 14.00 and 15.00.

Look at Streetportraits #1 here.


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