Recordings last week

From left to right: Ronnie Griens, Bert Kommerij, Matthijs Treurniet, Akbar Simonse (photo).

After the visit to the Mediapark last week, and the Spuiplein in The Hague, all material is waiting in the editroom right now and will be put online asap.
At the Mediapark securitypeople tried to stop us filming, for it was forbidden. Didn’t know that. They probably saw us on their security cams. One photographer and a cameracrew. (Would love to see that material too!) The edit will show Pictureman traveling by train, wondering around old Media areas, taking pictures and finally ending up in hugh, empty TV studio’s. (Symbolism.)

At the Spuiplein last wednesday fact and fiction got mixed up. It looked like a kind of mini-mash-up. Akbar was in the middle of the arena.  Cameraman/editor Matthijs Treurniet recorded everything from a distance.
All photographers involved have put their pictures, taken during this session, online. Thank you!! I’ve faved them here. They can be used in the final edit. (Credits will be mentioned, only CC.)

Dramatising The Digital Revolution in a poetic, reflective and above all, in a personal way, seems possible, as long as I stick to my narrator Pictureman, played by the streetphotographer Akbar Simonse. I use him as a model and guide, putting him in different Media settings and surroundings. Collect material. Medialise him.
(Text and music will be added in a final stadium.)

For Akbar is not an actor, but a very real person with interesting stories and a hugh social-life on Flickr, the documentary-factor of this project is growing. Narrator becomes main character? Proces and product are getting an equal status? What’s real, what’s being manipulated? There are a lot of theories on The Digital Revolution and about working online, but bringing all these theories into practice, you discover many more layers in… everything!
Josephinaphoto81 suggested Pictureman should have a new deskchair, after looking at one particular photo. We are considering this as a new storyline…

Upcoming recordings:

– First nightscenes at home including additional interviews.
– Streettour The Hague.


2 Responses to “Recordings last week”

  1. Maurits Burgers Says:

    Having participated and really enjoyed this Spuiplein-shoot I’m looking forward to another go. The myriad of picture response is staggering indeed and wonderfully shows the enthousiasm of all participants, extras and all, in this great new media me project : Pictureman.

    I pressed it before so once again,
    the The Hague bunch is phenomenal.

  2. bert kommerij Says:

    I know, Maurits!
    Where would we be without The Hague!
    (If there will be another shoot on the Spuiplein, I need new extras. Everybody passes just ones, I think. Pictureman remains.)

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