Act as if you’re not there

Akbar Simonse, Matthijs Treurniet.

At this moment Matthijs is at Akbars place. Filming.
It’s his last day on the project. He worked one month on Media Me.
This was the deal.
Lots of material he shot is still waiting in the editroom.
“When you’re at Akbars place, film everything he does”, I wrote to him. “But act as if you’re not there.”

They are in The Hague, I’m in Amsterdam.
I sent them YouTube movies and links to explore.
Now Akbar sends me pictures while playing with his webcam.
The search for Media Me material continues and Akbar is Pictureman, the narrator of the story about The Digital Revolution.
How it affects us, what it means.
Next week Ronnie Griens and René Willenborg will take over again with their videocamera’s.
(Very curious for todays material. Still working without a script.)

Foto 38

Foto 44

Akbar Simonse as Pictureman in Media Me.



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