Pictureman is alive

Akbar Simonse.

We sat in quiet restaurant, near the Central Station in Amsterdam.
Coffee and sandwiches with chicken, bacon and mayonaise.
Very unhealthy but tasteful.
He’s on a diet.
After the photoshoot with Marco Habanero he stopped smoking, just like that.
He rides his bike now every day for two hours.
His doctor told him he had to make drastic changes in his eating, drinking and smoking habits, otherwise things could go bad.
I mean really bad.
That would have made Media Media interesting, he laughed. Very dramatic: A dead narrator.
Yes, I said, the project would become historically interesting immediately.
I prefer Pictureman alive, he said.
Me too, I said.
But it would be interesting, right?
Of course, I said.
We talked about accounts of dead people. Very weird. Digital cemeteries. What happens with your digital life when you’re dead? Does someone else takes it over?
We’re all creating our own personal paradise online. Who wants to live in hell? Todays uploads are tomorrows archives.

I needed more stories for the script, so we talked about his experiences on Flickr, his on and offline friends, religion, youth, concerns about the future, ideals, poetry, miracles and memories.
Everything you say can be used, I said.
I know, he said, you’re collecting material.

After our meeting I made a first rough sequence of the videoclips so far.
They are listed now in the category: Nine Scenes, 1 t/m 9.
New text fragments will appear under these clips.
Comments can be used.


3 Responses to “Pictureman is alive”

  1. Maurits Burgers Says:

    “In literature and drama, the term everyman has come to mean an ordinary individual, with whom the audience or reader is supposed to be able to identify easily, and who is often placed in extraordinary circumstances. The name derives from a 15th century English morality play called Everyman.” – lees ik net, even opzoekend.

    Pictureman when produced in a great and fantastic manner remains to be this 21st century Everyman. In a splendid new way.

    His greatest fun is in jokes, lingual fun, puns. Especially the only we know visual ones. Secrets and mysteries to be solved by the genuine contacts, the followers. Fun is an intelligent factor not easily defined on-line.

  2. Charlotte K Says:

    I like Pictureman alive, thanks very much. I do not think it would be interesting if he were dead!

  3. bert kommerij Says:

    Don’t get me wrong Charlotte. I totally agree. We were just speculating about life and death and the meaning of it all.

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