About A and B

photo from the Media Me pool: Robert in Toronto.

Next to the voice of Pictureman there are two other voices talking.
I call them A and B.
They’re like commenters, sitting in an editroom, surrounded by lots of machines.

I wrote this ten days ago on this workblog.
In ten days anonymous voices can become true characters. As long as you keep on writing, they become persons. Invisible, but still.

Today A stands for Andy, a young men who’s lying in bed. Tired, not ill.
He likes to be on the sideline of things. An observer, a curious lurker‘.
Andy is in a constant dialogue with B, who started talking like a Machine more and more over the last week.
That’s why B’s official name is now: Machine.

Machine has the voice of a young woman. Warm, gentle and emphatic, but also very demanding and straightforward.
She’s in charge of the conversation. She knows everything and sets the rules. A superdirector.
The dialogue between Andy and Machine sounds like a telephone conversation in the middle of the night.
(Note: They’re not in the same room anymore.)

Machine has her own manners.
She invites Andy into the world of Media Me and introduces him to Pictureman in nine steps.
“You’re my model”, she says to the old man.
Andy comments: “I don’t think I’m ready for this. What are you doing? Who is he?”
Pictureman is in between the two of them, just being himself. The official narrator.

Preview of the first pages of the audioscript can be found here: at Imagine me, where it starts.


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8 Responses to “About A and B”

  1. Maurits Burgers Says:

    Great script. Machine is a feminine word well used indeed, like that.
    Andy, last name Mann?
    The nine steps, very well concieved.

    In the end we are all Everyman a Pictureman lost.



  2. bert kommerij Says:

    Thank you Maurits,

    Who is Andy Mann?
    The photographer?

  3. Maurits Burgers Says:

    Andy (Mann) could just be a fictive name for today’s Everyman I thought.
    Between Pictureman and La Machine this Andyman could be that.
    Is there a photographer by the name?

    I say pronounce (La) Machine frenchwise, always mysreriously adding some sauce.


  4. bert kommerij Says:

    The name Everyman always reminds me of Alleman, Haanstra.

    Andy Mann is a photographer, Aunt Google says.
    He has got a great reportage of people doing rockclimbing…

    La Machine frenchwise I like a lot.
    (The name Andymann with double nn too.)

  5. Maurits Burgers Says:

    Haanstra yes; visual rhyming.

    Just Andy will do I think.


  6. bert kommerij Says:

    During a skypesession with Habanero he mentioned HAL9000

    Time to watch Space Odyssey again.

  7. Maurits Burgers Says:

    That reminds me of a previous even more morbid text line idea.
    Pictureman being dead but the pictures still there, comments alife.
    What happens then?
    And because his material is CC many collages slideshows and other reproductions of his work start to appear on-line. Meanwhile…

    In the cold and deoxicated depth of a google plant server park in the north east of the province of Groningen, The Netherlands aka Holland the virtual ghost of Pictureman lingers, for ever unedited.
    Machine: User lost. Password blocked after 3 months of discontinued usage. Reinstatement request email sent. Not replied to within 31 days. Account frozen. Content generating much traffic.

  8. Akbar Says:

    At least it’s in Groningen! :-))

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