About step three

Tapes from the summer of 2009, when we filmed Akbar Simonse aka Pictureman in different settings. Inside his house, outside on the street. Stills almost.

There was no script. That was the deal.

“I would never cooporate if there was a script”, he said.
“Why?” I asked.
“I am the script!”

We filmed him, most of the time, in silent surroundings. There was no text. No music was added to the clips when we published them on YouTube and Vimeo. They were like studies for a portrait.

I met Akbar Simonse when I was working on Flick Radio (2007). A small man with a hat, a beard and a remarkable face.
When I asked him to become my narrator he said yes.
I made him “owner” of the Media Me Pool on Flickr, with almost 600 members and 6000 photos worldwide now.

That’s how the story started.
From a silent narrator he became main charachter, my subject.

After we finished filming the scenes, I made a selection and wrote the script for the film, or at least, the soundtrack. The audio had to be suitable for radio.
In the soundtrack a sleepless young man, Andy, is getting in touch with a women who calls herself Machine. Andy and Machine discuss him: an old man with a camera. A streetphotographer and collector. Who is he?

I used Marco Habanero for the charachter of Andy. Marco got involved in the story when he suggested an exclusive photoshoot with Akbar in costumes, with make up. This event became part of the script. Marco’s pictures are shown in the film: the dream scene.
A Choir sings commercialadds and tweets like: “In the story of my life, I am the star.” And: “There’s just too much going on right now!”
Music: Barbara Okma. Sounddesign: Arno Peeters. Choir: Quatre Bouches.

Step three followed.

Step three. At this moment Niels Dekker edits the images (films and photos) to the audiotrack. He helps me to select, asks questions and suggests new options. We talk about ‘the black parts’ all the time. The movie grows.

We’re still looking for a suitable channel to broadcast the audio. Radio 4 perhaps, the classic channel (we have choirs!)? Or Radio 1, at night? Or both? Who know’s.
I’m collecting photos from the Media Me pool on Flickr and I am inviting people to make their pictures downlaodable in the highest resolution possible, so they look good on screen. Any screen! Mobile, TV, Cinema.

To be continued…

Media Me is a ntr: radio/tv/internet/dramaproduction. We use several online platforms at the same time. Mediafonds 2010/ Creative Commons/Non Commercial.


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