Media Me goes cinema!


Originally uploaded by Bert Kommerij

Thursday, February 3rd, 19:30 at Ketelhuis, Amsterdam.
Every three months at Ketelhuis, Grenzeloos Geluid organizes an event featuring a special radio project.
Coming February 3rd it will be a special preview of the Internet Project Media Me, you’re in my story, a radio play and film by Bert Kommerij (NTR / Media Fund 2011). Afterwards Kommerij will be interviewed.

After Flick Radio (2007), a radio play and film about a man who gets lost in photo community Flickr, radio playwright Bert Kommerij returns with a new special project: Media Me, you’re in my story.

Media Me tells the story of the sleepless young Andy having a conversation with his computer, Machine.

Machine leads him around a stream of pictures and videos on Flickr. Again and again a silent old street photographer appears. Just like in Greek tragedy a choir provides a singing commentary. Who is this man and what is his role in the digital revolution?

Kommerij: “Internet redefines human relationships. That fascinates me.”

Media Me is at the same time a radio play, a film and a photo group on Flickr with about 600 people contributing.

Kommerij: “Social media are often used as a conduit. To me they are the starting point for a developing story. ”

During this one-time preview, the entire cast and crew will be present: Barbara Okma (composition), Quatre bouches (vocal quartet), Arno Peeters (sound design), Niels Dekker (video edit), Akbar Simonse, Marco Habanero, Bonnie Williams, Michael Krass, Frank Sheppard and more.

Please note: reservation is free but required:


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