Akbar = Street Art + KLIK

Street art angelAkbama for president!?  ;-)stickercomboKlik aan de  ketting.Portretfabriek met Klik.Zien en gezien worden
KlikjeVan de StraatPiece of the MasterLittle Sweet Old ManAkbar is watching me?!Van de Straat: Akbar by 10.Gu
A giftKlikspaan :-)Wie ben ik?In good company 2I'm in good companyMr Akbars Coffee
They did it again :-))Me by 10:GUA big honour!AgainAmsterdamRotterdam

Akbar = Street Art, a group on Flickr.

Akbar, hoofdpersonage uit Media Me, you’re in my story, is een internationale stickerheld geworden. Zijn beeltenis is te vinden in de straten van Den Haag, New York, Marokko en Bali. Check deze bijzondere Facebookpage, bedoeld voor fictieve figuren. Zie je hem, doe je KLIK.

A new group on Flickr! This story will never end…


2 Responses to “Akbar = Street Art + KLIK”

  1. taxeeh Says:

    I enjoy someone who wears his artful stardom,
    like he is not wearing it at all.
    Down to earth and somewhat enchanted.
    A hommage to everything inside all of us
    as time is, and is not

    A tiny particle
    devided by virtue and reality
    that is,
    and is not
    put together by that same reality
    without choice

    So we cannot begin
    to comprehend him as one virtue.
    if he is everywhere in reality
    as the sum of all our virtual parts
    Therefore I know
    I am him too

  2. mediame Says:

    Thank you Taxeeh!

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