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Thursday, 1 October 2009

made by Roel1943.

Since this worklog is on the frontpage of the new RVU website, here’s an update on Media Me, you’re in my story.

On this Media Me worklog visitors can take a look at video’s, pictures and texts, which will be used in a new film to be made: Media Me, you’re in my story. Sound, music and voice-overs will be added to the video’s in a later stadium. (So there’s nothing wrong with your computer. These are all half products you’re looking at so far; fragments, non-lineair.)

The film is about The Digital Revolution and what it does to us. Where will it bring us and how will it affect us?
The narrator of the film is called Pictureman and is played by Akbar Simonse, a streetphotographer from The Hague. I met him on Flickr. We just finished a photoshoot and now I’m working on an radioproof audioscript, inspired by the videoclips we made so far. The Media Me photopool on Flickr, where it all started, is still growing. At this moment it counts 5317 pictures and 537 members.

“I’m trying to put some things together right now.”

About worklogs.
When I start working on a new project, I start a new worklog.
I document the workproces in sound, image and text. Visitors can leave comments or come up with inspiring links, suggestions, poems, requests, questions, etc. All comments can be used in the script. That’s the deal.
Some visitors participate in an active way by getting involved as a related person, others just read and watch. When the program is finished and broadcasted, I publish it. Then the long-tale starts.

I used to write and direct radiodrama. I still do, but since the internet entered my work I have direct access to images and video’s as well. This inspires and fascinates me. I’m a Flickr fan. Next to that I use Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for creative and practical purposes. As a mediamaker from Hilversum I have to reach masses, on my log and platforms I can reach persons. For connecting is the core business on the internet, communication in all kinds of forms and variations has become one of my main themes. My specialty is drama and fiction.

First worklog was about an iPod soundwalk for two persons in Amsterdam, Screened.
Second one: Flick Radio, from weblog, to radiodrama to tv-film.
Third one, about a trip to Poland: Een homo in Polen (about gays in Poland).
All projects are still online and downloadable. My radioarchive is here.

So as a programmaker I use the internet as a communication- and researchtool, as a stage and workplace at the same time.
I write in English, because we’re on the internet and Media Me wants to be an international project in which many universal themes will be explored and dramatised.